DMSRDE new projects for Indian Army

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Kanpur, May 8: The Defence Materials and Stores Researches and Development Establishment (DMSRDE), here, have developed four new projects for the Indian army.

Giving details of the new projects to newsmen yesterday, DMSRDE director K V Bhaskar Rao said, '' new pads for BMP class vehicle is among the new project. Earlier, these pads were imported from Russia, but now they would be produced by DMSRDE and would be 20 per cent lighter in weight.'' He said the DMSRDE has also developed special purpose tents and shelters for the army. Besides this, the organisation has also developed fluids for recoil system of the guns.

The Bofors guns deployed with Indian army are an integral part of our artillery system, Dr Rao said adding, these guns have proved their mettle during Kargil conflict and have been used successfully in encountering enemy forces.

A critical system in these guns is recoil system, which helps the gun barrel to move to its original position after firing. This system also absorbs the immense recoil force or jerk and protects the gun against any kind of damage, he informed.

The system also uses a specific fluid called recoil fluid that is consumable and needs replacement at regular intervals. Thus, every year a huge quantity of this fluid was required by the army. The fluid used to be imported earlier, but now the DMSRDE has worked in this direction and has successfully developed an indigenous fluid for use in this recoil system. This fluid was functional even at extreme low temperatures in Drass and Kargil regions, Dr Rao added.

''The successful trial of this recoil fluid is another step towards achieving self reliance in development of critical systems.

This develpment is also going to save a cost of the imported recoil fluid,'' he claimed.

The DMSRDE has also developed a fluid, which cleans copper and carbon deposits from the gun barrels quickly and effectively, Dr Rao informed.


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