Paparazzi make Jessica Parker feel like New York's 'town trollop'

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Washington, May 7 : Paparazzi photogs have clouded her life so much that Sarah Jessica Parker feels like New York's "town trollop", says the actress herself.

The Sex and The City actress claims "thuggish" snappers have made a damaging and lasting impact on the lives of her family, and everyone they come into contact with.

She insists that photographers have descended on her five-year-old son James Wilkie's school, leaving her embarrassed to face other parents.

She even claims James, her son with actor husband Matthew Broderick, now covers his face when posing for family photos.

"(It's a) culture of thuggery. I feel very ashamed. I feel like I'm, like, the town trollop," Contactmusic quoted her, as saying in New York magazine.

"It makes me feel ashamed of my work. And I'm not. But I'm attached to this culture now in a way that it's kind of vulgar.

"And I feel cheapened. And I feel like I'm cheapening the school, like I'm bringing dirt; like I'm bad for the neighbourhood," she added.

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