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Train Warning System - a safety and technological first for Indian Railways

Written by: Staff

Bangalore, May 2 (ANI/Business Wire India): Ansaldo STS (Union Switch and Signal) is delivering another technological first to India's rail network and is setting a new benchmark for rail safety with the nation's first Train Protection Warning System on the Chennai - Gummudipundi line in the Southern Railway sector of Indian Railways.

The breakthrough technology reduces the probability of driver error and enhances passenger safety by using the latest European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) technology to warn drivers of changed conditions ahead.

The system's ability to support incremental technology upgrades is enormously significant as it opens the way for Indian Railways to continue to introduce new technological elements - such as train location and detection technology - as it continues to build upon the safety and efficiency of its rail network.

This is the first time ERTMS technology has been applied outside of Europe and is a significant achievement for Ansaldo STS and Indian Railways.

Ansaldo STS Chief Executive Officer Asia Pacific Region Lyle Jackson said the importance of efficient, reliable railway infrastructure in the day-to-day business of countries worldwide was forcing major technologically driven change in the rail industry.

"The implementation of the Train Protection Warning System by Indian Railways reflects its commitment to improving the operational safety of India's rail network and demonstrates the confidence that Indian Railways has in Ansaldo STS," said Jackson.

"It is a privilege to contribute to the modernisation, safety and capacity improvement programs being implemented by Indian Railways to ensure the long term sustainability of this vital infrastructure; and Ansaldo STS is proud to again set the technology standard for India's rail market," he added.

Jackson further said that by being first to introduce ERTMS technology to the Indian rail market, Ansaldo STS was well positioned to maintain its strong market position in India.

This would mirror Ansaldo STS's successful introduction of Solid State Interlocking (SSI) technology to the Indian rail market in 1987. Ansaldo STS is now the lead supplier of SSI to India's rail market.

"The technological alliance established with Indian Railways, together with the strong local commitment of Ansaldo STS in India over more than a decade, has been vital to our success," he added. "Ansaldo STS will continue to work with Indian Railways as it plans and implements new technologies, safety enhancements, and expands capacity utilisation in metro and open line railways," said Jackson.

Ansaldo STS was contracted by Indian Railways in April 2005 to survey, design, supply, install, test and commission a Train Protection Warning System for the Chennai Central-Chennai Beach - Gummudipundi section of Southern Railways.

An estimated 60,000 passengers use this service, one of the South's busiest Sub-Urban services, each day. There are approximately 150 signals that train drivers are required to observe and pass, along the 50 kilometers section.

The implementation of the Train Protection Warning System ensures that drivers are prepared for unexpected changes in conditions, are travelling at the correct speed, and are prevented from accidentally passing a red signal.

The Chennai - Gummudipundi Train Protection Warning System was extensively trailed before being inspected and accepted for operation by the Research Design and Standards Organisation (RDSO) and the Commission of Railway Safety.

Since being awarded the INR467.73M contract for the Southern Railway, Ansaldo STS has also been contracted to implement a Train Protection Warning System on the Delhi - Agra section of the Northern/North Central Railway, one of the area's busiest trunk routes. Work continues on this INR511.71M project.


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