Things that Ashton Kutcher hates in women

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Washington, Apr 25 : American actor Ashton Kutcher has revealed a few things that he just does not like in a woman.

Kutcher had, in the most recent column in Harper's Bazaar, come out with some of the biggest turn-offs he found in some members of the opposite sex.

"If I can smell your perfume and we're not making out, you're wearing too much," E! Online quoted Kutcher, as telling the mag.

"More of a lot of things in life is better. Perfume does not apply.

"Women who wear big blingin' stones don't look like they have a lot of money; they look like they have a lot of someone else's money," the star of the upcoming What Happens in Vegas opines.

"I don't want my woman looking like she got bedazzled," he said.

He further stated that a female should not show too much skin in public, and that she should not hang on to just her pantsuits.

"I like seeing a female body as much as the next guy, but a midriff on display does not do it for me," Kutcher explained.

"By the same token, sexlessness is just that. I call it the Hillary Clinton Look. She would be so much more appealing if she just took off the pantsuit, took a lesson from Jackie Kennedy, and found her own Oleg Cassini," he added.

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