Mills' violent childhood claims are all hogwash

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London, April 22 : Heather Mills' claims that she had a miserable and abusive childhood have been busted by his father.

Mark Mills has released his home movies to dismiss his daughter's insistence that she lived in fear of his violence.

The footage shows little Heather and sister Fiona playing in the sunshine on a family holiday in Wales.

In his first telly interview, Mark Mills tells Channel 4 that his daughter's claims that he was a 'schizo' were not true.

Asked about the allegations, the 64-year-old said: 'No - no violence. I'm convinced.'

Besides this, a former hooker has lifted the lid on claims about the sleazy months she spent working with Heather Mills as 10,000 pounds-a-night prostitutes.

Denise Hewitt said that she and Mills acted out sizzling lesbian fantasies for their rich clients because they knew it would turn them on.

"Always girly-girly scenes because 99.9 per cent of men like a girly-girly scene," The Sun quoted Hewitt, as saying.

She also revealed that the former 40-year-old model gave Paul McCartney an ultimatum to marry her or she would leave him.

"She said 'I'll give him an ultimatum and if he doesn't marry me within say, eight months, 10 months, I'm going to leave him,' " she said.

She also said Mills had made disparaging remarks about her future husband's age.

"I'm marrying an old man with bigger t*ts than me," Mills told Denise.

Denise added: "She manipulates people and they're besotted, enchanted."

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