MPs, VIPs holding up flights: NDTV survey

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Mumbai, Apr 19: MPs and VIPs holding up flights is what recent NDTV survey reveals. Thought the air travel service in India is fast developing it is still caught in the rampan of bureaucracy. The NDTV poll was conducted on pilots across India to find out how often flights were being delayed and rescheduled due to VIPs not reaching the airport on time. A staggering 67 pc agreed to have delayed the flights for this reason, 15% of whom said they would lose their jobs if they didn't.

The poll covered a sample size of around 107 pilots across Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkata, Bangalore and Chennai. The fieldwork was done in April by GfK-MODE. All figures are in percentages. About 67 pc says that the flights are delayed because of the late arrivals of MPs and VIPs.

Survey Findings:

(1) Have the Flights been delayed for the late arrivals of MP or VIP?

Response Percentage
Yes 67%

(2) How many times a year does this happen?
Response Percentage
Once 17%
Twice 14%
Thrice 7%
Four Times 13%
Five Times 49%

(3) Do you feel you would lose your job if you did not wait for the late VIP and took off instead?
Response Percentage
Yes 5
No 64
DK/CS 21

(4) Is this problem of waiting for VIPs getting better (i.e happening less often)
Response Percentage
Happening less often 27
Worse 13
Still the same 60

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