Staring in the mirror got Al Pacino booted from first job!

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Washington, Apr 16 : Mega-star Al Pacino was fired from his first job as a cinema user - for staring at himself in a mirror.

The 'Godfather' star landed a job at the Rivoli Theatre in New York, and one thing that had him mesmerised was the three-way mirror at the candy counter where he could see him profile.

"I was an usher. It was a huge movie house. The Rivoli Theater in New York. There was a three-way mirror that was the candy counter. I saw myself for the first time in my life, three quarters, and the profile too - and I thought, 'I'm finished'" Contactmusic quoted him, as saying.

"I was mesmerised by it. It wasn't vanity, I was shocked. It was like a different person," he added.

However, the manager out there was not so pleased with Pacino's fascination, and after catching him in the act one day, gave him the boot.

"The manager didn't like my doing that. He caught me doing it again one day. He was walking down the stairs and fired me in flight: 'You're gone, you're fired.' I was out of there," the actor revealed.

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