Obese children require less intensive exercise for effective weight loss

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London, Apr 1 : Less intensive exercise can effectively burn off fat among obese kids, says a new research.

The study was conducted over thirty 12-year-old boys, 17 of whom were obese. The researchers then assessed the rate at which fat burnt during graded leg cycling exercises.

To calculate the intensity of exercise required to burn off the fat, known as the 'Fat Max,' the intensity of the exercises was increased every 3.5 minutes.

The Fat Max is determined by the amount of oxygen breathed in and the amount of carbon dioxide breathed out per minute as the exercise intensity increases, which is calculated as the VO2 peak.

The results showed that the average values of the VO2 peak for the two groups varied considerably, with the lean boys burning much more fat than the fat boys at higher exercise intensity.

The VO2 peak also increased in obese boys, reaching the same level as the lean boys at 30pct, equating to low intensity exercise.

The results showed that overweight boys reached their Fat Max at much lower levels of exercise intensity and more intensive exercise did not burn off more fat for them.

The study is published ahead of print in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

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