Jammu and Kashmir has a 21-feet tall rose plant

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Jammu, Mar 11 : Naresh Mahajan of Jammu is the proud owner of a 21-feet high rose creeper grown at his residence, which he claims is taller than the rose bush of California, registered in Guinness Book of World Records.

Mahajan had bought the plant four years back when it measured just one and half feet.oday, it is coiling around the bamboo in the vicinity of his house and almost measures 21-feet.

Interestingly, the tallest rose plant registered in Guinness Book of World Records is only 13-feet as such this Indian species stands a strong chance to give a tough competition to its Californian counterpart.

Unaware of the fact that a plant nurturing in the vicinity of his balcony had already crossed the world record, Mahajan was inspired to measure his creeper when he read in newspapers about the California bush.

"Today, the height of this plant is 21-feet. When I had bought this plant some four years ago, its size was around one and half feet. The height of plant in California, which has set the world record, is around 13-feet three inches. When I read about this in newspaper, I thought of measuring my own plant and that time I didn't know that it can contest for world record," said Mahajan.

Mahajan is now all set to approach the Guinness World Records to claim a place in it for his tallest rose bush in the world.

Meanwhile, the Department of Floriculture of Jammu and Kashmir Government has endorsed the claim of Mahajan and the officials have proposed to process his claim if the plant continues to grow even after pruning..

"I inspected the site, I told him to strengthen the main stem and the side branches should be pruned so that the maximum nutrition could reach the main branch. When it grows till the height it is self supporting, it should be kept under watch for some time. When it has reached till the height of 7-8 feet, then it should be trimmed so that its growth increases.

If the crown above spreads in a healthier way and beyond the height of world record establishing plant then we can claim, give him in the writing or process his case further," said K.K Sharma, Director, Floriculture Department, Jammu and Kashmir.

Experts from the department are also giving tips to Mahajan for the preservation of this exclusive rose plant.

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