New weight-loss method- Shopping!

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London, Mar 6: You no longer need to run on the treadmill for hours, just grab a bag and hit the high street and voila you'll shed the extra pounds, for according to medics, shopping makes a person slim.

The thrill of snaring a bargain stimulates a woman's heart rate so much that it gives the same result as a sweaty gym session does. In tests a shopper weighing eight stone burned an average 323 calories an hour - equivalent to an intensive half-hour aerobics class. And an 11-stone woman could burn 444 calories, the same as a whole hour of cycling. Experts studied more than 1,000 girls trawling stores for new clothes. "When we're excited, neurons in the brain go into overdrive and powerful chemicals - related to amphetamines - are released into the blood. They produce the feeling of a giddy high.

The 'buzz' people receive from value-for-money purchases also creates a physiological reaction that is very similar to that experienced with physical exercise," The Sun quoted Neuropsychologist Dr David Lewis, of Mind Laboratories, as saying.

The doc at Brighton's University of Sussex added: "Heart rates increase and blood pressures rise, which all lead to the body functioning more efficiently and healthily."


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