Scientists identify mechanism that triggers blood vessels growth

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London, Feb 21: Researchers at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute ave discovered a new mechanism that triggers the growth of blood essels - after the circulation of oxygen and nutrients to body arts is turned off in mice.

The team of researchers led by Bruce Spiegelman found that PGC-alpha, a key metabolic regulatory molecule stimulated the ormation of new blood vessels once it senses perilous low levels f oxygen, a process also known as angiogenesis

A similar response was seen when a group of proteins known as ypoxia Inducible Factors (HIF) that detected hypoxia or lack of xygen activated the production of VEGF (vascular endothelial rowth factor) and simultaneously triggered angiogenesis.

"We were surprised to find this novel mechanism," Nature quoted piegelman, as saying.

Angiogenesis takes place when an artery blockage or an injury eaves normal tissues starved for blood. It created a network of mall vessels to upport the area and defend against more injuries.

"That means there is now a second pathway that you need to know bout if you are trying to activate or inhibit angiogenesis," aid lead author Dr. Zoltan Arany.

"The discovery of a second, alternate pathway, involving PGC-1 lpha and ERR-alpha, leading to angiogenesis may offer new pportunities for therapy "in any situation where angiogenesis is factor," he added.

The study appears in journal Nature.

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