Receptor that causes dry form of AMD identified

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Washington, Feb 21 : Researchers at Sainte-Justine Hospital nd the Universite de Montreal have identified the deficient eceptor that causes the dry form of age-related macular egeneration, or AMD, a blinding eye disease that affects illions of people.

The team of researchers led by Dr. Sylvain Chemtob, a neonatal esearcher at Sainte-Justine Hospital and a professor at the niversite de Montreal's Department of Pediatrics and School of ptometry, explained that a deficiency of the CD36 receptor revents the evacuation of oxidized lipids in the eye.

Later, these oxidized lipids accumulate and attack the layers eneath and over the retina - thereby causing vision loss.

"Our discovery has important implications for the development of ew therapies," explained Chemtob.

In the study the researchers used mice and rat models to locate he scavenger receptor responsible for retinal degeneration ypical of dry AMD.

"We found that a deficiency in CD36 receptors leads to ignificant and progressive age-related macular degeneration. D36 deficiency leads to central vision loss - a key feature of ry AMD," said Chemtob

"This discovery brings us one step closer to treating dry AMD, hich could significantly improve the quality of life of seniors ho are most affected by this eye diseaseNow that we have also eveloped the molecules that activate CD 36 receptor, we are orking on the validation of the efficacy of these molecules as otential therapeutic agents for dry AMD treatment with prospect t the horizon of 2015," added co-author Dr. Huy Ong.

Wet and dry AMD is widely responsible to cause of vision loss in he western world, which according to the AMD Alliance nternational, affect 30 million people aged 50 and over.

Dry AMD is the most pervasive of the disorders and affects 90 ercent of AMD cases.

The study is published in the latest edition of the medical ournal PLoS Medicine.

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