Nation celebrates love as Cupid comes calling on V-Day

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New Delhi, Feb 14 (UNI) Some said it with words, some said it with flowers and some with gestures.

Love stayed afloat in the air and remained palpably ubiquitous as the nation played host to the cherubic child with a bow and arrow and smitten Knights and Dames revelled and basked in the glory of love on Valentine's Day today. If music was the food of love on V-Day, the nation played on to the hilt.

Love birds could be seen swearing everlasting love to each other at shopping malls, movie theaters, eatries, public parks, discotheques and pubs. Those who could not pledge their love in person had a tough time doing so through SMSes and Internet services as cellphone services and the virtual space all got clogged due to the large numbers of text messages being sent on the day.

While couples were flocking to several shopping outlets since yesterday to buy gifts for their valentine, some were seen cuddling red roses, others holding greeting cards and teddy bears for their love. Diamond jewellery, gold-plated sets, paintings, cassettes sold like hot cakes.

Those who could not afford to buy expensive gifts, did not lag behind and purchased what they thought to be the best and the most appropriate Valentine day card and other smaller gifts for their partners in a desparate bid to impress them the most.

Many couples even went ahead and tied the knot on this day, while some decided to check their love compatability by taking the love test at the ''love meters'' installed at various shops.

In Tamil Nadu, love-struck couples seemed to advocate that love knows no barrier of culture or religion or even 'cocktail'. A multitude of young couples in the city's leading hotels were seen glued to hotels and bars to taste the new cocktails and mocktails brewed by the city's top-notch bartenders. The 'heady' blend in various hotels was a mixture of a variety of fruit and liquors, with the bartenders putting to use their creativity and innovation to the task at hand.

While in Patna, young couples carrying heart-shaped balloons and other gifts also gathered in large numbers in a special Valentine Day function organised by the city's famous orchestra group "On Mosmi" to listen to their favourite love songs.

However, the course of true love never did run smooth in the words of Bill Shakespeare and the Shiv Sena and the Bajrang Dal played perfect killjoy for ''mushy'' couples.


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