Captive peacock breeding in Hyderabad

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By Narnedra

Hyderabad, Jan 26 : A zoological park in Hyderabad is all set to increase the number of peacocks in the park through a unique method of captive breeding by hens.

The officials collect eggs and get them hatched through hens. Figures show a success rate of about 50 per cent with around 169 peacock eggs hatched through this process.

"We have collected these eggs from different farms such as KBR farms, Masalipuram farms and other NZP farms. We have maintained natural brooding hens. We have got 80 peacock chicks for which we have lost 10 chicks due to mortality reason. Presently, we have 70 chicks of peacock," said Abdul Hakeem, Additional Director, Nehru Zoological Park.

The authorities plan to send these chicks into the wild after they grow and are able to live on their own.

"We have taken precautions for these peacocks. We are going to release them in the forest. First in the middle, then in the semi-forest and thereafter it'll be released in the natural forest," said Jaheer Ahmed, Assistant Curator, Nehru Zoological Park.

Though found across the country, the bird is fast vanishing from the landscape due to its shrinking habitat and pollution.

Off late, the population of peacock has been dwindling across the country due to reasons ranging from poaching to ingestion of poison through pesticides and insecticides from the fields.

According to experts, deforestation and urbanization are also two main reasons for the decrease in population of these beautiful birds.

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