Richards greeted Wood's wife with heroin injection

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Washington, Jan 19: Rolling Stones star Ronnie Wood has revealed that bandmate Keith Richards injected himself with heroin the first time he met the former's future wife.

Wood, in his autobiography, disclosed that he would never forget the first time Richards met his then-new girlfriend Jo, because the legendary hellraiser had taken drugs in front of her before saying hello.

Wood had arranged a meeting with Jo for a romantic rendezvous in a hotel room in Paris, France in 1977, but got late after his plane was delayed.

When he finally reached hotel, Jo was shocked to find Wood accompanied by Richards, who was in desperate need of a shot of heroin.

"I walked in (to the hotel room) and so did Keith. He went straight past Jo to a tiny table, never said a word, took out a spoon and started cooking up a hit. Jo stood there speechless, with her mouth wide open because she'd never seen anything like this," Contactmusic quoted Wood, as saying.

"Keith shot up, then looked at her and said, 'You must be Jo, hello darling,' and gave her a big kiss. Jo glared at me. I simply said, 'You have to excuse my friend, we go everywhere together.'

"A couple of days later, Jo was starting to get annoyed. Jo kept asking me, 'When are we going to get rid of Keith?' But we couldn't leave him there alone, in an opiate haze," he added.

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