Politicians fountain-head of corruption, need for reforms: Governor

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Srinagar, Jan 13: Advocating electoral reforms in the country, Jammu and Kashmir Governor Lt General (Rted) S K Sinha said after 1947 politicians have become fountain-head of corruption.

Without naming any political party or leader, General Sinha said post 1947 saw a steady deterioration in standard of morality and practice by political leaders.

He said all the concept of right means had been repalced by dubious means in general.

However, he immediately added that his view point was not directed against any political leader or political party but it was general.

He further said it also does not apply to all as there were exceptions but today these exceptions were very few, he told newsmen at an informal chat here.

''We want to ensure that old values and morals are restored because India is seen to be shining, it is shining and emerging as global power on the basis of human resources material,'' he said and added if our political leadership could match those moral values India would go much further.

When asked there were complaints against the ministers of J&K-coalition government, he said ''corruption is not only in my government, my state and my country but it is in every field..in politics, business, educational institutions, NGOs, religious trusts, name anything you will find corruption. We all as a nation has to fight against it.'' He recalled how in pre 1947 era political leadership of the country, fighting against foreign occupation, made supereme sacrifices.

Country and its people were supreme for these leaders who gave preference to moral values over other things, he said adding now the things have changed.

''How do we do it,'' General Sinha asked and suggested two things--electoral reforms and politics free education system. He said electoral process had become fountain-head of corruption, criminality, communalism and castism. ''No doubt from Sheshan to Gopalaswami, our Election Commission was playing a special role in ensuing purity in elections,'' he said.

However, the required electoral reforms have not been finalised and implemented, leaving enough scope for corruption and other illegal practices, the Governor added.

He said electoral reforms would at least ensure corruption and other criminal practices to a minimum in the electoral process.

''If we can eliminate corruption from our politics, we will be able to have corruption free political leadership which will ultimately help us to eliminate corruption in our entire society'', he said.

To a question he said election reforms play a big role to check corruption in our society.

''We should identify criminals and debar them from contesting elections. Anyone who is criminal should not be allowed to contest,'' he said.

When asked about surrendered militants, he said that a person with criminal record should not be allowed to join the election process. But this needs a consensus.

He expressed concern over the use of black money in elections and demanded that it should be ensured that black money is not used in elections.

He also demanded reforms in education system and said education was knowledge of facts and knowledge of values.

''Our educational institutions should not be used for any political game. We should ensure the sanctity of our educational institutions where our youths should study politics but should not indulge in Politics,'' he maintained.


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