Beware! Fruit juices may be fattening too

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{image-fruit juice_13012008.jpg}Sydney, Jan 13: Contrary to popular perception that fruit juices are healthy alternatives to soft drinks, Australian experts say they could actually make people fat. Juice junkies who drink super-size servings might be shocked to know their daily refreshment has more sugar and calories than a can of Coke.

As post-Christmas diets and the summer heat send Australians flocking to juice bars, nutritionists have warned that their health-kick efforts could make them put on weight.''Juice is a good, nutritious way to gain weight,'' dietitian Melanie McGrice was quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald as saying.
''A piece of fruit and water is always going to be a far better choice,'' she said.

An examination of popular fruit juice brands conducted by Fairfax Media reveals some contain more sugar and kilojoules of energy than soft drinks, and up to half the average daily energy requirement.

And compared with fresh fruit and vegetables, they contain less fibre and fewer nutrients.Ms McGrice said many consumers who believed juices were a healthy alternative to soft drinks were unaware of the number of calories they contained, particularly in large-size concoctions offered by juice bars.

''Juice will only make you put on weight, so any health benefit will be counteracted by extra kilos,'' Dietitians Association of Australia spokesman Alan Barclay said.

A Deakin University survey last year found that juice and other fruit drinks were a bigger problem than soft drinks in childhood obesity.


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