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Mumbai, Dec 31 (UNI) Remaining fit and healthy has taken the lead in people's resolution list, taking over better time management, saving money, getting organised, and reading more books that ranked top last year,'' Nielsen Company On-line Panel Director said.

To find out what issues mattered to people during the time of making New Year resolutions, Nielsen Company- a global information and media company conducted a survey among 292 people, aged 15 and above.

The survey revealed a mix of the expected and the unexpected.

Apparently, half of India's on-line population has already decided on their New Year's resolutions.

A solid 58 per cent took a resolution to lose weight and improve their fitness levels. That is a 58 per cent jump from last year. Saving money (55 percent) and better time management (51 percent) came in at the second and third most popular resolutions.

Remaining fit and healthy proved popular with people between 35-44 years at 73 per cent, while saving money was popular among people in the 25-34 year age group at 62 per cent. Interestingly, only 26 per cent voted for savings in the 45 plus age group.

Amongst those who have made New Year's resolutions in the past, 41 per cent of the respondents have been making resolutions for the past six to ten years, 25 per cent have been making New Year resolutions over ten years, and 27 per cent of the respondents make a New Year resolution every year.

As many as 79 per cent of the respondents make a mental note of the resolution that they keep, 28 per cent tell a friend or a family member, and 21 per cent write it down.

While it is no secret that New Year resolutions are hard to keep, the survey revealed that 27 per cent have fulfilled their resolutions successfully and 18 per cent have managed to keep it for more than 6 months and 23 per cent for about three months.

Lack of planning (44 per cent) and commitment (37 per cent) were the main 'reasons' for breaking the promise, the survey observed.


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