Jain sect head in New Year message lashes out at materialism

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New Delhi, Dec 26 (UNI) Shed the 'I', Renounce the 'Mine' and everything will be yours, forever.

These are the words of Acharya Shri Mahapragya, the tenth Acharya and the supreme head of Jain Shwetambar Terapanth sect, as he welcomes the New Year 2008.

The Jain sect comprises more than 800 monks, nuns and millions of followers all over the world.

In his message to bring 'Human Development through Self Restraint' in society, the Acharya said, ''In the global society, there is a race for economic and materialistic development but human development has lost sight of, which in turn is creating innumerable problems.'' Solutions have also been investigated. However, they themselves were becoming problems on account of this lopsided approach, he added.

According to him, human development is the development of consciousness, on the basis of which, one can dream of a truly happy life, free from physical and mental diseases, tension, and full of peace and tranquility.

A spiritual ascetic, a prolific writer who has authored nearly 300 titles, many of which regarded as classics, the Acharya says he is also the discoverer of Preksha Dhyana (a scientific meditational technique) and the preceptor of Science of Living, a value-oriented educational programme.

''In this race of monopolising development and globalisation, a whirl of infatuation is set in motion, as a result of which everybody gets carried away and start whirling around wealth and materialistic objects,'' the Acharya said.

Hoping that a new wave of enthusiasm will prevail giving birth to a new man, he said let the voice of the resolute determination of a life of self-restraint to save the earth reverberate through the cosmos.

The Acharya is a versatile scholar of Oriental Languages and Philosophy and his critical editions of all the 32 basic Jain scriptures in Ardhamagadhi-prakrit are a landmark in the last 1500 years of history of Jain literature, a press release said.

He is also the head of Jain Vishva Bharati (JVB) and JVB University in Rajasthan, working for enhancement of human values and cultural heritage of the country, the release said.

In order to make a concerted effort for world peace and non-violence, he has also presented a platform 'Ahimsa Samvay' to unify diverse non-violent forces, it added.


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