Stress taking a toll on 68 per cent CEO's chasing their bottom lines

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New Delhi, Dec 23: Almost 68 per cent CEOs are reeling under stress and fatigue in a bid to achieve their yearly targets and slog to deliver desired results due to paucity of time, an industry body said.

According to The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM), only a minor lot of 32 per cent of Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of domestic business succeed in countering their stress and fatigue. In a Survey conducted by ASSOCHAM on CEOs Ways to Manage Stress', in which 400 CEOs of public and private sector companies, with a turnover exceeding Rs 1000 crore, gave their opinion.

Almost 128 CEOs responded that they get rid off their stress successfully through yogic krias, gym, sports such as golf and cycling, music and morning stroll.

''The CEOs in the age-group of 50-65, who take time off in morning for yogic performance recommend that they be emulated by others on this to keep good health to deliver as per expectations of the organizations,'' the ASSOCHAM president Mr Venugopal N Dhoot said while releasing the Survey.

This age-group also prefer to play golf, visiting nearby hill stations and safari parks to overcome their day to day stress and fatigue, Mr Dhoot added.

The survey also revealed that younger CEOs in the age group of 30-45 are very health conscious as compared to those that are in the age-group of 50-65. CEOs in the younger age group generally prefer to go to gym and even resort to cycling. Going to gym motivates and inspires them to take on the pressures and encounter stress and fatigue in a better way, emphasised the 52 per cent of younger CEOs who participated in ASSOCHAM survey.

Over 68 per cent CEOs responded that the present day work generates a lot of pressures to achieve the ambitious targets in a time bound period which further mounts the pressures for doing better and severely affects their daily routine in adverse manner and health as well.

Due to such erratic schedules throughout the year, these CEOs do not find time to release their stress by resorting to exercises and other ways, revealed the survey.

''Interestingly the survey revealed that younger generation CEOs avoid seeking consultations from physicians and doctors, describing this exercise is of no use, as such consultation subjects them to intake of antibiotics and other medicines having bad after effects. This lot resorts to doctors and physicians when they develop symptoms of high blood pressure/hypertension, diabetes, indigestion and insomnia,'' Mr Dhoot said.

However, young entrepreneurs are choosing a new way to overcome the stress, i.e. by watching movies with families and friends during weekends, listening music and driving themselves whenever they go for a vacation in the weekends.

Nearly 25 per cent of CEOs take the stress in a positive manner to work harder as their experience suggests that the more one slogs, the results are delivered with higher productivity generation.

According to ASSOCHAM estimates, the short vacation tours have generated huge interests among the CEOs now days which is why the hill stations like Nainital, Mussourie, Shimla, Manali and places like Jaipur, Udaipur and other such spots are generally flooded with tourist arrivals throughout the year.

Over 40 per cent CEOs are now moving towards new emerging ayurvedic treatments like naturopathy, massage, acupuncture, acupressure etc. Large metros and towns in the coming 5-6 years will have huge ayurvedic centers to suggest treatment for overcoming stress overcoming, according to ASSOCHAM.

Most of the CEOs are opting for a proper and good balanced diet with a combination of fruit, cereal, eggs and brown bread in breakfast and lunch and dinner with little quantities of rice, vegetable curries, lentils, yogurt and fruit.

According to ASSOCHAM, yoga not only helps to keep fit but also enables improved concentration and removes toxins from body.

During stress and tensions some yogic exercises like savasana, sarvangasana, pranayama, siddhasana (with kumbhaka), makarasana, trikonasana, padmasana, yogic mudras are very helpful.


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