Santa Claus visits poor Nukimi

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Aizawl, Dec 21 (UNI) Nukimi is a 38-year-old widow, living a difficult life, with three malnourished children to feed all by herself. But this Christmas, she has finally met Santa Claus in the form of Mizoram unit Francois-Xavier Bagnoud(FXB).

FXB Mizoram today gifted Nukimi enough money to run a small shop so that she does not have to walk through the dirty roads of Aizawl, selling eatables to earn her daily bread.

Abandoned by her husband some years back, Nukimi has been earning a living by selling eatables on the streets. Her eldest son, aged 12, spends most of his time in a wheelchair, FXB sources said.

Her middle child, aged five, is regularly brought to hospital due to pneumonia, which he caught right from birth. Though doctors have advised a medical treatment in better hospitals outside Mizoram, it is beyond the financial capacity of the poor woman.

His ailments have caused him other health problems too. He has a hole in the heart, poor vision and is hard of hearing.

The youngest son, four years old, is in a better condition than his elder brothers. His eyes are so sensitive to light that he has to put on sun glasses when outdoors.

She could not afford an admission to a special school for the spastic for her eldest son.

Despite her meagre income, the woman takes care of her children with all her abilities, an FXB worker said.

She has put her two younger sons in an FXB free-day care centre, while she leaves the eldest in a wheelchair, alone at home.

''Her greatest desire was to be able to earn a living from home without having to leave her children, which she will be able to now,'' he added.

''This is one of the happiest days of my life. Now I will be able to look after my children with greater care,'' Nukimi told UNI with tears in her eyes.

FXB Mizoram has launched from this year an 'FXB village model programme' mainly to target children affected by SHIV/AIDS. Since, the programme can also cover non-AIDS affected people, Nukimi and her children are included in the programme, FXB sources said.

The goodwill organisation has rehabilitated as many as 54 destitute families, and is providing free medicines, nutrition and schooling to a good number of AIDS-affected children.


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