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Mumbai, Dec 21 (UNI) Prices of nickel, copper heavy and copper wire bars in ferrous and non-ferrous metal segments today maintained an upward trend for second consecutive day today on renewed demand by industrial users, along with bullish advice from London Metal Exchange (LME), along with Kolkata, Delhi and other centres, traders at Bombay Metal Exchange (BME) said.

In ferrous segment (per quital), Copper heavy and copper utensils advanced again by Rs 400 and Rs 300 respectively while brass utensils and brass cuttings also looked up by Rs 100 each on fresh industrial users demand induced by firm advice from LME, Kolkata, Indore, Delhi and southern regions.

In non ferrous metal group (per quintal), copper wire bars were up by Rs 400 while zinc slab and lead ingot hardened by Rs 500 each on sustained heavy buying support by big dealers, induced by firm advice from LME along with Kolkata centres. Nickel cathode too rose again by Rs ten per kg in line with copper prices.

But tin slab was down by Rs two per kg on improved offers from stock-holders.

Following are the spot metal prices per quintal: Ferrous metals: Copper heavy - Rs 33,000, copper utensils - Rs 312,00, brass utensils - Rs 245,00, brass cuttings - Rs 25,200 and aluminium utensils - Rs 10,400 per kg.

Non-ferrous metals: Copper wire bars - Rs 36,300, aluminium ingots - Rs 12,000, zinc slab - Rs 12,500, lead ingots Rs 12,000, tin slab - Rs 787 and nickel cathode - Rs 1,360 per kg.


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