CPI(M) for mass-based third alternative, greater Left unity

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New Delhi, Dec 21 (UNI) The CPI(M) is finding ways and means to rebuild the mass-based third alternative comprising the Left and regional parties, by forging greater Left unity.

The Party's 85-member Central Committee(CC), in a session at party headquarters, A K Bhawan, is discussing the entire gamut of national and political developments during the last three years and is finalising the political resolution to be made public before the Party Congress, that would take place in Coimbatore, from March 29 to April 4, 2008.

The CC, which started its two day deliberations, preceded by the party Polit Bureau session, yesterday morning, is taking up the task of greater Left unity to make such possibility a reality, as the base of Congress and BJP is sharply shrinking, the top leaders told UNI.

The leaders, attending the delibrations said there is a dire need of such an effort, but ''no immediate alternative is emerging.'' The leaders' observations can be seen in the context of such previous experiences. The Third Front, which ruled at the Centre in the 1990s, was lacking ideological cohesiveness pertaining to the concept of secularism and commitment to the poor and the deprived.

Another experience of People's Front, some sort of conglomeration of regional parties also did not sustain for long as an altenative political entity.

The UNPA appears to be a coming together of ''opportunistic'' leaders, who include those like the TDP, who during the NDA regime swore by the new economic policies and now asserting the benefits of such policies did not reach the poor. Besides, the Left parties- the CPI(M), CPI, RSP and Forward Bloc were not part of this political entity.

The discussion on the third alternative is part of threadbare review of the national and international situation during the last three years. The CC is finalising the political resolution, which was prepared by the party 17-member Polit Bureau.

It would be made public when it is in the final form, sent to the state and district Committees and other concerned, seeking suggestions and amendments.

Party leaders understanding on the third alternative can be seen in the context of the party General Secretary, Prakash Karat's recent statment, that efforts are being made to rebuild the third alternative as the '' Aam Aadmi'' during both the NDA and the UPA regime had been hit the hardest because of their pro-rich economic policies.

Party senior leader and Polit Bureau member M K Pandhe said the party CC whole focus was on the Political Resolution which would cotnain the ''party's total political approach'' for the next three years.

The CPI would undertake a similiar excercise for its party Congress in Hyderabad with a national Council meeting in Chennai from January 17 to 21.

The political resolution, which outlines the parties political and electoral tactics, is adopted at the Party Congress held every three years. The CPI(M)'s last Party Congress was held in April 2005 in New Delhi, where Mr Karat took the party reigns from party patriach H S Surjeet.

Another top party leader said the political resolution would have to take note of inernational developments including the US imperialism offensive on Iraq, targeting Iran and other places including South Asia.

There were certain countries who resisted such an offense including, the Lebanon, Latin America, Russia, European Union( EU), and people's movements getting momentum in South Asia.

It would contain balance sheet of Left experience with the UPA, its lead role in resisting government efforts to privatise the PSUs, government's open support to the super rich, the deepening agrarian crisis, ignoring the poor, burgeoning unemployment, casaulisation of work.

The guiding policy document would examine the role of ''anti CPI-M)'' forces who have of late have been spearheading the complain against it, the leaders added.


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