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Request to Nandan Nilekani to join politics

By Staff
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Bangalore, Dec 20: Karnataka is in a state of deadlock. The whole state has come to a virtual standstill.

At present the state is under Presidential rule. People are fed up with the inconsistency in politics and the lack of integrity among politicians. At this juncture Mr. Shama Sundara Editor of Thats Kannada news portal has invited Co-Chairman of IT major Infosys, Nandan Nilekani in an open letter to join politics to resolve pandemonium of the State.

Dear Mr. Nandan,

First of all let me congratulate you and your TEAM for the great success that you have proved to our country through innovative, no compromise values business around the world...the FLAT WORLD!

I am writing to you to request you to enter Karnataka politics. This may sound vague and funny, but after a careful thought and discussion with my known people and friends I have decided to write to you in person.

Let us look at the current state of our state:

In tatters

Rowdies and goondas fighting for power and money

The ones who cannot even appreciate the fame and wealth that has flown into the state thanks to hard working professionals.

The opportunity:

1. I believe with the center rule in the state which may continue upto April 2008, we could not have asked for a better timing to implement something new and radically different for Karnataka.

The opportunity for common man to prove that he will not be a party to corruption anymore.

Why have I chosen to write to you?

1. You are young, have proved good value system and most importantly you are in no need to make money through politics

2. The youth need a good leader and I recognize that leadership in you.

3. You have made the world know the presence of India, when a politician like Al Gore can turn around and create awareness about environmental issues, I am positive that a good businessman can step into politics and lead the way for change in Modern India.

Many of my friends discussing and rolling out emails to me in the following lines.

I have been thinking of the following situation:

With the center ruling over the state...we the Karnataka people could not have asked for a better opportunity to set right the scene in our state.

1. Someone like Nandan Nilekani to float a party.

2. Middle class ordinary people like us, educated, ho are not interested in making money will all join he party including the students.

3. Everyone says that elections will cost money to the party: The reason...to give money to unwanted characters to motivate innocent people to vote. In our case, we can tell people that we are not here to take money..We just want stable good governance in place.

4. I am positive, people are scared of politics because they think it is dirty...but if we are not ready to budge from our value system, we need not be scared. What can happen at the most...we may loose the elections, but we have tried atleast.

5. There are people like us in thousands who are keeping quiet as there is no person with strong values to lead the masses...we have just given away our state to kalla kakaru...and we are a silent party to this crime.

6. We can carry the message effectively with the new media like TV available to reach all parts of Karnataka..This is the only way I can think of going forward..If we want to reinstall the value system in our youngsters, who are already running away to other countries in search of better life and surprisingly better values

I request you to bid goodbye to Infy, pass on the IT keys to boys and girls and join us for social orientation in our mother land Karnataka.

Appreciate your concurence and reply.

S.K. Shama Sundara

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