CPI(M) PB, CC meet to begin on Thursday

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New Delhi, Dec 18 (UNI) The top leadership of the CPI(M) will meet here on Thursday to deliberate on the document of the party Congress, to be held in Coimbatore in March, while the CPI leadership will undertake a similar exercise for its March Congress in Hyderabad with a National Council meeting in Chennai in January.

A look at the Political Resolutions adopted at the last Party Congresses of the two parties held in Chandigarh and New Delhi, respectively show similarity of views on main national and international views barring the issue of the Communist unity in the country.

While the CPI(M) will begin its three-day deliberations with the party Polit Bureau meet in the morning session on December 20, to be followed by a two-day Central Committee meet, the CPI National Council will meet in Chennai for five days.

Talking to UNI, CPI(M) Polit Bureau member M K Pandhe said the deliberations will revolve around only one item -- Political Resolution at the Party Headquarters -- A K Gopalan Bhawan.

CPI national Secretary Shamim Faizi said his party Central Secretariat was busy preparing the document to be presented at the Party National Council in Chennai.

Political observers say if one goes by the political resolutions by the Communist parties in their last Congresses at Chandigarh(CPI) and New Delhi (CPI-M), there was almost unanimity between the two parties on the questions defining the character of the UPA government, the future of the transitory phase as well as the final goal building a Left and Democratic alternative.

Both realise that the Left have to be at the core of such an alternative.

The respective Documents, outlining the parties' political and electoral tactics are adopted at the party Congress, held every three years after the suggestions and amendments, if necessary are incorporated therein.

In major national and international developments also, there is a similarity of views in both the Documents. But, on the question of Communist unity, there was a difference of emphasis.

The experts say while CPI sees no future for the Communist movement if it is not reunified on a principled basis, whereas the CPI(M) avoids any such discussion on the issue.

Besides after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the debate on the international Communist unity was also said to have evaporated and not given much importance in the Documents, they added.

In the case of the CPI Political Resolution, it is prepared by the nine-member party Central Secretariat and in the case of the CPI(M) by the 17-member Party Polit Bureau.

The CPI presents the Resolution to the Party National Council, while the CPI(M) to the Party Central Committee.

The documents are then released to the parties state and district committees.

In the meantime, even an ordinary member can send his or her suggestion or an amendment.


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