Sunita Narain asks India to assume proactive role at Bali talks

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New Delhi, Dec 5 (UNI) Urging rich nations to effect tougher emission cuts to repay their ''natural debt'', environmentalist Sunita Narain today appealed to India to assume a tough and proactive role in the current 190-nation talks at Bali on climate change.

she said the issue had a significant bearing not only on the environment but also on the economic growth and wealth creation of the entire world.

'' India must take on a tough stand at the Bali talks on climate change. It must let it be known to rich nations that due to their emissions, poor and developing nations are suffering. It is the problems of rich countries, but we are suffering. It is our glaciers that are rapidly melting and it is in our regions that cyclones are wreaking havoc with Bangladesh being the latest example where cyclone Sidr claimed hundreds of lives,'' she regretted.

She said India must suggest the framework at the talks within which it can take action to avoid emissions.

'' It is high time we change the way we use our energy. There is an urgent need for the whole world to usher in an energy revolution.

Climate change is not only India's issue, but the issue related to the whole world. It is the rich nations which have brought about climate change, but it is the poor nations which are paying a cost for it,'' Ms Narain added.

'' The world can bear a two-degree rise in the temperature but a four-degree rise is something which no nation would be able to stand. And if rich nations do not fall in line at the Bali talks, other countries should stop trade with them and they should not be allowed participation in technology transfers,'' she demanded.

Ms Narain said the bulk of greenhouse emissions are related to burning of fossil fuels, for the energy that drives the world.

''It is no wonder then that the rich industrialised world, responsible for the bulk of the emissions in the atmosphere, has found it difficult to cut its emission. After all, its lifestyle is not negotiable as a former US President once said,'' she commented.

She also underscored the need to reform and redesign the clean development mechanism to make it effective, adding that currently the biggest flaw in the CDM is that it is designed to get the cheapest emission reduction options for the industrialised world.


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