Agnihotri will shoot in UK despite racial abuse

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Bhopal, Dec 4: Bollywood film director Vivek Agnihotri today said instances of racial abuse would not deter him from shooting in London, which is one of the dream destination for film-makers.

Talking to the sources here today Mr Agnihotri affirmed that their 'Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal' film crew, including John Abraham and Bipasha Basu, suffered racism in England.

Stating that racial abuse is not a new experience for him as he had also undergone similar experience while shooting his last directorial venture film 'Chocolate'. However he would continue to go to London for shooting his next film.

''These are the parts of life and I feel there is no use of protesting them as we Indians also practise the same thing,'' rued the director, adding that his actors and team several times witnessed the slangs from England natives but they can not help it.

Stressing that racial discrimination was perpetual in west he felt utmost entire film fraternity had undergone similar situations however, few people like Shilpa Shetty protest and exposed it boldly.

Rejecting the hype of over Indian films performs well in overseas market he said Indian films were mostly watched by Indians settled abroad with little contribution from English.

''In the BAFTAS British films awards held recently I realised that there is no importance of Indian film makers in West hence we shall not make any hue and cry for the Oscar or any western award,'' asserted Mr Agnihotri.

He felt that making films on Bhopal Gas Tragedy could never be a tribute to the deceased and aid to the affected hence he had no plans of making any movie on this topic.

''At the time of this industrial disaster me and my brother collected millions of dollars funds and equipments from west for the victims,'' claimed Mr Agnihotri.

Talking about the taste of new generation the director said that nobody even children want to watch children movie. Their taste has been developed for the mainstream cinema.

''A children-based flick over 'global warming issue' has been conceptualised but it will not be a typical children movie as it will be cooked with best spices and aromas of commercial movies and garnished with modern techniques of film making,'' chuckled Mr Agnihotri.

He claimed that he was the first person to conceptualised India's first realty show -- Prisoner of War, but the project was not consolidated due to some budget-related controversies.

''Copying west literature like Shakespeare is not the guarantee of success and it was proved through film Omkara,'' Mr Agnihotri added.


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