First class economy cannot run with third class politics: Narayan

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Mumbai, Dec 3 (UNI) Terming the economic boom in the country as 'unequitable', former bureaucrat-turned social activist, Dr Jayaprakash Narayan today said the first world kind of economy in the country cannot run parallel with third class politics.

Delivering a lecture on ''Can economic prosperity and decling public standards go together'', Dr Narayan leader of Loksatta movement, said the hype surrounding the economic boom is infact becoming a well developed market for real criminals in the country.

Citing instances of economic and social deprivation of the masses in the country, he said in the present economic system there is no linkage between productivity, growth and basic human needs such as health care.

Taking a dig at the present political system, he said most of the leading politicians in the country are the richest individuals without any known source of income and in a country like ours only it is possible.

He alleged that the present political system in the country has turned into politics of horrible corruption and in the guise of ''shining India'' phrase ''white clad goons'' are fooling the masses though he said that exceptions are there.

''One should articulate a vision for a better system rather than sitting on the fence and talking about it,'' he said.

He said the country is poised for a fundamental change which calls for a ''political innovation''.


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