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Panaji, Nov 28 (UNI) Noted Turkish actress Meltem Cumbul today said she was thankful to Mustafa Kamal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey, for her freedom to work.

''Kamal Ataturk gave secularism to Turkey, which gave great strength and power to the country,'' Ms Cumbul, who is on the jury of the ongoing 38th International Film Festival of India (IFFI), told a press conference here.

Her remarks came when asked whether she ever faced any kind of restrictions on personal freedom and in her acting career as faced by women in some Muslim countries like Afghanistan and Iran.

''Personally, I faced no difficulty in my work and was always able to do what I wanted. For that, I am thankful to Kamal Ataturk,'' she said.

Ms Cumbul said she was a fan of Raj Kapoor and her love for Indian movies dates back to her childhood as her mother was also fond of Indian films. She named Raj Kapoor's 'Awara' as an all time favorite for her family and for so many others in Turkey.

Singing a few lines of the song ' Aawarah hoon' to mediapersons, the Turkish actress said the song still delighted lovers of music and Indian films in her country.

She said she liked the idea of working in an Indian film and would certainly say yes to any such offer.

She expressed disappointment that Indian films were not being shown in Turkey anymore and stressed the need of doing something.

''In fact, I should ask distributors in my country why they are not showing Indian movies,'' she said.

Ms Cumbul, whose's film 'Lovelorn' is being shown in the Cinema of the World section of IFFI here, said for her, the story of a film was very important. It is the story telling. How you tell a tale or the kind and quality of a script is very imporant.

She said she started her career from a radio station in London braodcasting for Turkey and her acting career started with a television series in 1993. She has also acted in two movies in the US.

To a question, she said there was no studio system in Turkey and filmmakers had to make arrangements for filming and mostly shot at natural places.


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