Kapal Mochan mela ends in Haryana

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Yamunanagar, Nov 24 (UNI) The famous historical and religious Kapal Mochan Mela concluded as about 10 lakh devotees took the holy dip at the stroke of midnight in the three historic sarovars here.

They lit 'diyaas' on the banks of the sarovars, which coupled with the electric lights, decorated the gurudwaras and temples presenting a picturesque scene.

The Kapal Mochan fair has its roots in the age-old myth that it relieves the sins of all the three eras. As per the belief of the people, taking a bath in Kapal Mochan sarovars washes away sins which are even as grave as 'Brahma Hatya'.

The Kapal Mochan 'dham' here is also believed to have been the workplace of Maharishi Ved Vyas, the son of Maharishi Prashar and the creater of great epic Mahabharata.

There are five 'tiraths' in different directions of the Kapal Mochan. In the north is Tirthraj Kapal Mochan itself and on other sides are Som Sarovar, Rin Mochan, Surya Kund and Chandar Kund.

These sarovars are known to privide fame and fortune to those who come to take the holy bath.

The holy place has a great following among the Sikh community too, since in 1687 Guru Gobind Singh had rested here for 52 days after the Bangani battle.


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