NSCC to discuss Technology Communication and development in Delhi

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Panaji, Nov 12 (UNI) How the fire churning technique of the cave man led to the discovery of the microwave oven and how the mind- boggling technologies in different fields of scientific development have shaped the the life of Modern man are some of the issues to be discussed at the prestigious VII National Science Communication Congress (NSCC)-2007 in New Delhi from December 5.

Union Minister of state for Science and Technology Kapil Sibal is likely to inaugurate the five-day event in the premises of the Indian National Science Academy on Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg in the national capital.

The prestigious annual event will be attended by a galaxy of scientists, technologists, science communicators, journalists, writers, academicians and others engaged in popularisation of science and technology in the country and abroad.

''We have purposefully chosen the theme of technology communication and development for this year's Science Communication Congress to trigger a wider debate in various sessions'', Dr Manoj K Patairiya, Director, National Council for Science and Technology Communication (NCSTC) under the department of Science and Technology, government of India, told UNI.

The NSCC-2007 is being organised by the NCSTC in collaboration with the Indian Science Communication Society (ISCOS) and the Indian Science Writers' Association (ISWA).

An exhibition of 'Popular Science' publications and 'Software Materials' is also being organised at the venue.

Technology is the practical and applicable part of science.

Science has cognitive dimensions and technology applied dimensions.

They provide a way to the human mind to put onto shape the abstract and complex reasoning and concepts into existence, Dr Patairiya claims.

While analysing civilisations, societies and their advancement, there emerge certain qualities or traits that a society can be said to have acquired over a period of its existence.

These qualities certainly have a role in the continuous shaping and development of civilisations. These can be cited as the general spirit of adventure, enterprising nature, inquisitiveness, rationality, reasoning, innovativeness, and skill temperament.

Technological temper is yet another aspect of these societal attributes. It imparts on the qualities of the societies associated with the conduct and appreciation of technology and related areas and their amalgamation into the social behaviour.

Technology communication is conceptually anticipated as the activity that is sure to enhance this trait in the society. It is also associated with technology orientation, technology generation and propagation and with the basic quality of converting concepts into technology.

This also means the characteristic of identifying necessity and the ability to experiment, refinement and fine tuning the process, product and service. A notable feature of technology and technology communication is that it is indeed a great level of gaps created on the fronts of literacy.

This also means that technological concepts and traits can be communicated irrespective to literacy and education of the target recipient. This is for the fact that technology is the science that is associated with the practical dimensions.


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