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Remedial measures to augment flow in 95 dams suggested

Written by: Staff

Jaipur, Nov 4 (UNI) In order to ecologically restore the degraded catchment areas of various dams and reservoirs for re-augmentation of water-flow, measures like adoption of Silvi Pastural System, Gulley Treatment, Sand Dune Stabilisation through vegitation, Agro Forestry and Protection of Barren Rocky Stony Gravelly lands have been suggested.

The suggestions were made in a recent survey conducted by the Rajasthan State Remote Sensing Science Application Centre, Jodhpur in catchment areas of about 95 dams and reservoirs in the state.

The survey which was conducted for the Rajasthan Government on directives from the High Court, had identified mining activities and erratic rainfall in catchment areas, construction of anicuts or water bodies in the upstream areas, gullied ravinous lands, sandy areas or dissected sand dunes, broad sandy river bed and barren hills or rocky area degradation as main causes of obstruction of water flow to dams and reservoirs.

The survey suggested that gullied or ravinous lands could be managed by gully plugging of gullies, providing diversion channel above the head and vegitative gully plugs. These could be established by growing and protecting natural vegitation. Check dams could also been constructed across the gully at suitable gaps to check water velocity. The natural vegitation might be Sachrum species or Jetropa species.

Silvi Pastural treatment for scrub lands to reduce soil erosion, conserve moisture and minimise siltration to reservoirs had also been suggested in the survey. This could be adopted by growing locally adopted trees, shrubs and grass.

Stress was also paid on sand dune stabilisation through erecting micro wind breaks and by putting suitable vegitative coverage.

Plantation of grasses of Anjan, Dhambab, Munj and Sewan species, shrubs of Phog, Jujube, Tharber and Vilayati Babool species and trees of Khejri, Jal, Jungle Jalebi, Israeli Babool and Rohida, was suggested to achieve the task.

Reclamation of degraded notified forest areas by reforestation campaign and efforts for developing agro forestry in the catchment areas has also been identified as an effective way for catchment area ecology restoration.

The survey was ordered by the High Court on a public interest litigation petition filed for removal of illegal encroachments and other obstructive structures in catchment areas of some of the dams and reservoirs to ensure due flow of water to them.


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