Poll bugle: Sonia Gandhi lashes out at Modi

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Anand, Gujarat, Nov 3: Congress President Sonia Gandhi today hit the campaign trail in Gujarat, saying looking to the sorry state of affairs in the state, the time was ripe to teach a lesson to Narendra Modi's government by throwing it out of power.

Launching her party's campaign for next month's assembly elections in the state, Ms Gandhi alleged that Modi has brought shame and disrespect to the land of the 'Father of Nation' Mahatma Gandhi.

Referring to the recent Tehelka expose, she said ''We hang our heads in shame,'' as such elements have defamed the nation in the international arena.

Addressing a massive Mahila Sammelan here this afternoon, Ms Gandhi urged the large gathering to show the strength of women, who plays softer roles of mothers, sisters and wives, but in time can be a strong ''Maa Shakti'' (power) to show the men that they are not lacking behind them in any way.

The UPA Chairperson said India had witnessed a woman becoming the President for the first time under the Congress-led UPA regime.

Describing Gujarat a ''great'' state, Ms Gandhi claimed that the Congress was giving special emphasis on empowerment of women and under her party's regime, around 550,000 women were made party workers. She also wished the people of state a happy Diwali.

She spoke of the need to strive for a Gujarat, which was free from fear. Emphasising that her party stood for secularism, the Congress president remarked that her party was for equality of all religions.

She said the women should win respect in society by educating themselves to make the society's foundation strong and powerful as it is a woman, who gave righteous character and culture to children in their early age.

Praising the Gujarati spirit of entrepreneurship, Ms Gandhi lauded them for their achievements in all fields throughout the world. She raised the question as to who would be able to lead the people, who have such a huge potential.


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