Groundnutseed, its raw oil ease on weaker Gujarat advices

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Mumbai, Oct 15 (UNI) Prices of groudnutseed, its raw oil and nigerseed drifted lower on larger stocks arrivals from Gujarat, Karnataka and other centres in the face of thin consumers demand, traders said.

However, cottonseed, refined castor commercial, rapeseed refined, palmolein refined oils and castorseed ruled better on fresh bulk demand and lesser stocks arrivals from producing areas like Gujarat, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and others, traders said.

Following are the spot rates of oilseeds (all figures in Rupees) as provided by the BCE here: Oilseeds pear quintal Oils per 10 kg De-oiled cakes per MT Grd' kernel 3,350, Grd' Bold 60/70 4,100, G Nut Raw 670, G N Extr 45 pc 11,800, Javas 60/70 4,400, R G I - Javas 70/80 4,200, R G II - Javas 80/90 4,100, Kardi (Safflower)1,900. Kardi expeller 530, Kardi Extr 4,900, Sesameseed: Crushing (48/2/2) 3,100, Sesame Expeller 510, Sesame Extr N.Q.

Sesame (48/1/3)ffa) 2,950 Cottonseed (wash) NT, Sesame(48/1no ffa ) 2,750, Whitish-98/2) 3,375, Sesame (95/5) 3,275, Cottonseed (Refined) 495, Undec Cotonseed Ex 9,500, Rice Bran 359, Rice Bran Extr 5,300, Rice Bran 4-7 pc FFA 475, Sunflowerseed 2,350, Sunflower Exp 555, Sunflower extr 6,600, Sunflower Exp Ref 600 Copra white 465, Rapeseed N T, Rapeseed Ref 520, Rapeseed extr 6,500, Rapeseed exp 490 Mowra 420,Soyameal 48 pc 13,500, Linseed 550, Neem 375, Karanji 420, Nigerseed 3,425 Castorseed 2,040, Castor Comm 438, Castor extra 3,550, F S G(Disa) 448, F S G(Hyd-Kandla)424, Imported oil items Refined Palmolein 461, Soyabean Ref 471, Soyabean Crude 456, UNI

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