Devotees take arduous climb to Mt Girnar for Navratri

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Junagadh, Gujarat, Oct 12 (UNI) For urban Gujaratis, the festival of Navratri means nine nights of constant dance and gaiety but for the devotees of Junagadh, this festival entails the arduous climbing of 4800 steps of Mount Girnar, a challenge to devotees with old age and physical disabilities.

Leading the group of pilgrims is 95-year-old Gopalanandaji Bapu, who is the main priest of Agni Akhada, a group of devotees. Having climbed 4800 steps of Mount Girnar, leading to Gaumukhi Ganga, the opening of water stream, Gopalanandaji will go into a cave and will perform rituals for whole nine nights and days of this festival.

''During the nine days of festival, I practice complete silence and wake up before twilight sketches the sky with crimson colour in the east. I devote whole day to the worship of Maa Jagdamba. After the sunset, I climb 700 steps of Ambaji temple and perform the ceremony of arati,'' Gopalanandaji told UNI.

Another devotee Rajanibhai Bhatt, though handicapped, is full of willpower. Having climbed the Girnar mountain with his crippled leg, he will perform pooja for whole nine days and nights.

''My faith in the goddess Jagdamba gives me courage to climb the mountain,'' said Mr Bhatt.

The likes of Gopalanandaji and Mr Bhatt are living examples of devotion, giving inspiration to thousands of devotees to undertake the arduous climb of the Mount Girnar to celebrate Navratri festival.


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