Wockhardt launch Interventional Pulmonology dept

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Bangalore, Sep 28 (UNI) As a strategic move to strengthen its position in chest medicine, the Wockhardt Hospitals, one of the leading cardiac health care institutions in the country, has launched a new and innovative Interventional Pulmonology department, first of its kind in India.

Addressing newsmen here today Dr Ravi Mehta, Consultant Interventional Pulmonologist and Critical Care, Wockhardt Hospital here today said that chest disorders including airway blockage could be tackled through interventional pulmonology, which focus on new treatment modalities.

He said that obstruction of the large airways such as the windpipe and main airways can be a life threatening situation which can lead to severe breathlessness and may result in prolonged bouts of coughing of blood which can be fatal. "Large airway obstruction restricts airflow into the lungs which is like a baloon that can collapse without air causing permanent damage" he said.

Outlining about the interventional Pulmology, a new and innovative modality to tackle the complexities involving lungs Dr Mehta informed that the new modality was slowly introducing in India and Wockhardt has taken lead in this endevour. He said that Interventional Pulmology deals with airway obstruction that include Benigh tumors such as coming from fat, muscle in the airway, infections such as TB, fungal infection, Lung Cancer which is rapidly increasing due to higher incidence of smoking, more so in the west.

Dr Mehta said that the Wockhardt Bangalore has successfully tackled six cases in which an open surgery could not have brought solution to the patients due to complications involved. In one such case a patient who was suffering from severe breathing problem with a tumour blocking 95 per cent in main windpipe was successfully treated using interventional bronchoscipy. The patient was also put a stent to keep his windpipe open and he was doing well and living comfortably without any problem, he said.

Dr Mehta said that tackling airway blockage of lungs through Interventional Pulmonology is still nascent in India, which was introduced 25 years back in Europe and 10 years since in United States. Due to its complexities including technology, infrastructure and cost involved it was yet to take roots in India, he said.


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