NASSCOM peeved by Ramadoss's comment on BPO lifestyle

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New Delhi, Sept 28 (UNI) The countries apex IT body NASSCOM today expressed dismay over Health Minister Ambumani Ramadoss comments criticising the lifestyle of employees in the BPO sector.

The apex body's reaction comes after the minister was quoted as saying that employees join the BPO industry ''wanting to make a fast buck,'' and that they ''party the rest of the time'', after working ''half the day''.

NASSCOM said this is a generalised slur on half a million youngsters working in the industry. These young people work hard, with sincerity and dedication, and are well and fairly paid for that.

The apex IT body said ''We do not see how this translates into wanting to make a fast buck, as the minister reportedly said.'' That they party the rest of the time, after working half the day is also a grossly unfair generalisation of what a few - probably very few - do, it added.

These, and allegations of ''bad diet, excessive smoking and drinking,'' NASSCOM said are exaggerations that demean BPO employees.

''In any case, it is our view that the personal life-style of adults is - as long as it is within the law - for them to choose. We no not think it is for companies or for the government to interfere in the personal life of adult Indians,'' the IT body said.

Allaying the ministers concern young people's life-style and availability of disposable income, NASSCOM added that these are factors that are true in many other professions and industries.

''To single out and attack BPO employees is not correct. We fully recognise that - like any other job - work in the BPO sector has its set of requirements, rewards and stresses. The BPO industry is committed to the welfare of its employees,'' a statement said.

NASSCOM said it is happy that the government intends to discuss some issues with industry, and welcome any dialogue that will help to improve the health of the employees in this industry.

It, however, added that alarmist statements that paint a negative image of BPO employees are resented by them and do not help the industry.


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