Shahnaz Husain launches 'Veda Dynamics'

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New Delhi, Sep 16: Building on the requirement of a 'fair bride' which is pervasive among the Indian populace since time immemorial, world renowned beautician Shahnaz Husain has launched a new business model to bring her unique range of products directly to the consumer.

''The concept of a fair bride is inbred in our tradition. This has been existent since ages and the media has not created any hype around it'', she said.

However, Ms Hussain noted the availability of a huge range of cosmetics which makes it difficult for one to choose with respect to her requirement and at the same time a product which falls within one's budget. To this Ms Husain quips, "advertising confuses the customer and may also not always live up to its promises''. The ready solution to this is 'Direct to Consumer' (DTC) marketing. This not only educates the consumer but also provides various earning opportunities.

Shahnaz Herbals, the leader and pioneer in herbal care in India, forays into direct selling approach and will promote its products through its consultants. Known as Veda Dynamics, it will provide a unique platform to the people associated with it like various earning opportunities, rewards and recognition.

''Veda Dynamics does not only give its customers an opportunity to be associated with world's premier Ayurvedic cosmetic company but also to supplement one's household income'', adds Ms Husain.

The DTC market is a humungous Rs 500 crore market and is growing at 20 per cent annually. According to Shahnaz, ''we have always adopted the referral route versus the advertising route and hence entering this business module fits in this line of umbrella vision''. According to the prevailing rate at which the market is growing, it is believed that in three years, the market would be around 840 crores. Of this Ms Husain expects to get at least a share of 20 per cent i.e. Rs 160 crore by 2010-11.

The DTC module is an information based marketing which educates the customers. From business perspective, it is a low cost option to reach customers in remote areas. Consultants earn by referring other consultants and selling products to their friends, neighbours and acquaintances.

Overall, Veda Dynamics through its DTC model offers earning opportunity to women, to supplement their household income. Also, there are flexible working hours and comes with the incentive of, 'beauty, wellness and business trainings'.


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