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Tibetan yoga: Short cut to good health, stress relief

By Staff
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Mumbai, Feb 18: Tibetan yoga or the 'five rites' are a short cutto good health and stress relief for overworked people in urban metros,according to Razia Rustom Patel, a city-based Tibetan yoga instructor.

Talking to UNI, Ms Patel said the five exercises take four hoursto learn and comprise a routine of 15 minutes daily. These five Tibetanrejuvenation rites are gaining popularity in Mumbai, especially amongthe corporates, she added.

According to her, people practising Tibetan yoga feel energeticand work better and longer without tiring, get relief from backache andneck ache, arthritis pain, diabetes and blood pressure. It makes aperson physically and mentally stronger.

The Tibetan rites help people to come out of depression, balanceharmones, regulate menstrual cycle and ease menopause problems.

Ms Patel learnt about the yoga techniques from a friend who hadrecovered miraculously within months of three heart attacks by doingthe rites which were taught to him by a Tibetan devotee in theGaneshpuri ashram near Mumbai.

''I then went to the US and brought back the book, CD on thetechniques and also attended classes to learn the yoga. Me and myhusband started practicing the rites and were cured of spondelitis andslip disc within months,''she recalled.

In her workshops on Tibetan yoga, she teaches positive thinking,pranayam, stress releasing Chi Gong stretches, the five rites andmeditation.

There are seven 'Charkas' or energy centers in our body. Duringour young age, these centers (vortexes) spin very fast allowing the'prana shakti' or energy to move fast in the body. But as we grow oldor due to our irregular lifestyle, these charkas slow down or getblocked inviting sickness. The easiest and quickest way to regainyouth, optimal health and vitality is to get the vortexes spinning fastagain and to balance the charkas. The five rites accomplish this task,Ms Patel added.


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