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Asom mathematician proves 42 days deficit in present calendar

Written by: Staff

Guwahati, July 23 (UNI) The Gregorian calendar, the English calendar for the layman, is currently on a deficit of 42 days, with no possible remedy but the adoption of an entirely new calendar, businessman-turned-politician Ganesh Prasad Gupta pointed out. Mr Gupta and Biswanath Chariali of Asom says he has evidence to back his claim.

He had sent the findings to every Astronomical organisation, including the Positional Astronomical Centre, Kolkata, but everybody with a silence accepted his claim passing the buck of changing the calendar to the Western authorities.

Talking to UNI, Mr Gupta said the present English calendar with the cycle of 12 months from January to December had a fallacy of as many as 42 days due to wrong adjustments made earlier.

He said the first deficit of 10 days occurred when the calendar jumped 10 days from October 5 to October 15 in 1582. It was done as per an order by Pope Gregory, on the basis of complaints of faults lodged by the public.

Mr Gupta maintained that the mathematicians of the age reversed the process and wrongly deducted 10 days instead of adding them. He claims to have mathematical equations to back his accusation.

The next deficit occurred when the calendar again jumped 11 days from September 2 to September 14 in 1752. He claimed that the mathematicians repeated the mistake of deducting days instead of adding them.

He cites the two instances of jumping dates from pages 602, 603 and 604 of the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Mr Gupta said, ''The variation in the length of lunar-based time measurement and solar-based measurement has caused this anomaly with the result that we are short of 42 days now.'' He explained that the conversion of the old lunar-based calendar to the present solar-based Gregorian (earlier Julian) calendar without the necessary adjustments at the preliminary level had led to the necessity of its adjustments at later dates.

Further, the introduction of the concept of lunar years only from 12 AD had created the deficit of another three days since the very beginning, with the total days reaching 42 now, he added.


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