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Kolkata emerges as the new hub for shopaholics

Written by: Staff

Kolkata, June 5 (UNI) On a sweltering hot summer afternoon Kolkata provides a host of options where food, entertainment and shopping come on a platter under the same roof.

The city's consumer potential is being tapped to the fullest by the recent boom in the multiplex revolution.

The popcorn munching, theatre hopping cinegoers of Gen-X find themselves drawn to the innumerable shopping complexes that house numerous brands as well as screen movies coming with a promise to provide a complete respite from the otherwise scorching heat and unwelcome congestion in the streets.

Shopping malls are now a safe haven for the city youngsters.

However, the culture seems to have a wide range of takers from middle-aged women to young jeans-starpped dandy. The aunties of yesteryears who until recently found themselves restricted to some of the traditional complexes, have suddenly shown keen interest in the shopping malls that are scattered across the city.

A recent study conducted by the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) on reatil trends in the city, reveals that shopping malls have spelt the death knell for the erstwhile para stores.

Of 1000 women interviewed in the survey, 100 visited malls in the last three months, 320 went to the usual 'New Market'.

A rather interesting trend comes to the fore that though more women are visiting shopping malls, their old favourite haunt New Market continues to top the list.

A couple of reasons could be cited for this like, many being wary of distance prefer to contain themselves to their previous haunts.

However, those who do not consider distance a constraint prefer to visit their usual stores where the retailer knows them.

Consumerism has reached a new high in Kolkata. Though the city dwellers shop like mad during the festive season, malls are not deserted even during rest of the year.

A study conducted by the International Property Consultant Chesterton Meghraj stated that 30 per cent buy something or the other every month.

Men in Kolkata are more brand conscious with 80 per cent purchasing branded apparel like T-shirts and trousers.

There has been a spurt in the purchase of electronics and consumer goods. Home furnishings come a close second with a whopping 95 per cent now purchasing it once in three months.

Gone are the days when there were a dearth of options for hanging out in the city. With shopping complexes doing brisk business Kolkatans thrive happily in the new found shoppers' paradise.


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