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Left warn Cong against Advani's bipolar polity

Written by: Staff

New Delhi, Apr 5: Joining issue with Bharatiya Janata Party (BJ) leader L K Advani over his reported remark on the need for a bipolar polity in the country, the Left parties today cautioned the Congress against his offer for teaming up with it, stressing that India was not the US or Britain but a multi-party democratic system.

A day before Mr Advani embarks on his ''Bharat Surakhsha Yatra'', the leaders of the CPI, CPI(M), Forward Bloc and RSP said Mr Advani's statements here yesterday were also aimed at uniting all the ''anti-Left forces''.

Leader of Opposition and former BJP president L K Advani had said if the Congress shunned minorityism in politics and governance, it would set a firm foundation for cooperation with the BJP, ''making a common cause''.

CPI leaders A B Bardhan and Shamim Faizi said Mr Advani had ''ignored India's ground reality''.

''At the moment, the country is in the era of coalition politics and it is not going away. despite the wishful thinking of Mr Advani,'' they told UNI.

The CPI leaders cautioned the Congress against ''falling prey to the bait offered by Mr Advani, who is trying to resurrect his own party ship which is sinking because of inner contradictions within the Sangh Parivar.'' CPI(M) veteran leader and Polit Bureau member M K Pandhey alleged that Mr Advani's offer for cooperation with the Congress in politics and governance was actually aimed at fighting against the Left forces.

''Indeed, the Congress and the BJP belong to the the same class.

Their economic philosophy is also the same,'' he said.

Endorsing the CPI view that the BJP was getting weaker by the day because the people had seen through its game of hatred and communalisation, the CPI(M) leader said Mr Advani was seeking to ''pacify'' the Congress.

On the ramifications of Mr Advani's yatra, Mr Bardhan and Mr Faizi said keeping in view the past experience of the BJP leader's yatras, ''social harmony may come under strain''.

''The utterances of the BJP leader clearly shows that he is hell bent on raking up the Ram temple issue which has harmed the country's social fabric. Harping on alleged minorityism is nothing but a weapon to mobilise the Hindu masses behind the yatra's politics,'' they added.

CPI(M) senior leader Nilotpal Basu said India was quite unlike America or Britain for bipolar polity to be effective here.

''In a true sense it is diverse society with different hues and colours, different cultures, languages, life styles and even an uneven economic development. So the very thesis of Mr Advani does not fit in the country's social structure.'' More important is the fact that coalition politics is the growing reality of Indian politics,'' Mr Basu added.

RSP leader Manoj Bhattacharya said Mr Advani was toeing the line of the US administration in trying to promote bipolar polity in the country and keep his party's retrogade economic policies intact.

''He is seeking cooperation of the Congress as both believe in new economic liberalism. He is trying to stifle all dissenting voices who oppose such policies in the larger interest of the working classes, farmers, people engaged in indigenous industries, the unemployed the uprooted and displaced people, because of the negative impact of these.'' Forward Bloc national secretary G Devrajan said the strength of the country lay in its multi-polarity.

''This is how we have sustained our parliamentary democratic system so successfully. Only the communal forces rake up the bogey of minorityism and play havooc with our social and communal harmony. The BJP has never had any vision of development for the country,'' he said.


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