DU's St Stephen's College Principal forced staffer to convert to Christianity: Report

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New Delhi, Dec 17: As a lot of controversy has been already raging over the forceful religion conversion issue (the so-called "ghar wapsi" by the Hindu outfits), another such controversy has been reported from the top and reputed college of the Delhi University.

According to media reports, the St Stephen's College Principal Valson Thampu has been accused of forcing an administrative officer to convert as Christian. The complainant, Shubh Kumar Das wrote a letter to the Principal on Friday, Oct 31, after he which he was suspended.


A letter that revealed all

As per a report published in Millennium Post, Das, a Brahmin and a native of Odisha, on Oct 31 wrote, "I was induced for conversion by you (principal) in beginning of the year 2014 which I had taken serious objection to and pleaded with you not to force me for conversion. Your wife came to my residence and told my wife in evening hour not to disclose this matter as it may tarnish your image."

He further wrote, "In month of October 2014, you tried to offer me a mobile phone and told me that same mobile was given to you by previous Bishop which I did not accept and strongly objected and requested you not to force for conversion as I strongly believe in my Hindu religion and form of worship."

Das has also alleged that the Principal threatened him of dire consequences for not abiding to his diktat of converting into Christianity.

As per a report published in TOI, Das also alleged that "Thampu gave his own example of converting to Christianity despite coming from an Iyengar Brahmin family, and his wife pleaded not to make the conversion issue public fearing that would tarnish the image of her husband."

Other College staffers unite against Principal

Around 50 staff members of the college have signed a memorandum and given it to the Principal to not to force anybody for conversion.

Principal denies allegations

Thampu, who has been working in St Stephen's College since 1973, was quoted saying as, "Anybody can make allegations but that doesn't mean they are all true."

On Monday, Dec 15, Das filed a petition against the Principal in Delhi High Court.

ABVP demands suspension of Principal

The Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) on Monday demanded suspension of Thampu over the religion conversion allegations.

Thampu attacks HRD minister Smriti Irani

St Stephen's Principal Valson Thampu who is in the middle of the controversy, on the issue of "Good Governance Day" told NDTV, "We all want good governance, but will a seminar on the topic do the needful? Should they (HRD ministry) be telling us how to celebrate good governance?" [Smriti Irani rubbishes claims of keeping schools open on Christmas]

"I am sure Prime Minister Narendra Modi will intervene as he once told me that even people of differing views can be friends", he further said.

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