OMG! Now, a woman spotted on Mars!

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Washington, Aug 10: In an another amazing discovery, now NASA's Curiosity Rover reportedly spotted a woman on the Red Planet -- Mars.

Earlier NASA had shared a picture of a creature which resembled like a crab. Pictures released by NASA once again indicated at the probable sign of life on Mars.


NASA's Curiosity Rover has taken the latest picture, which many claimed that could be a shadowy rock. However, the formation of the rock indeed looked like a woman.

NASA's previous picture, which was assumed to be a crab, was shared by the 'Journey to the Surface of the MARS' page on Facebook. The image had gone viral on internet, especially on social networking site.

Seth Shostak, a senior astronomer, however, put an end to all speculations as he asserted that the 'mysterious crab' was actually a phenomenon, which is known as pareidolia.

Pareidolia is a condition which makes people see familiar shapes and patterns in random objects.

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