US presidential polls 2016: April primaries to begin with Wisconsin tomorrow

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Washington, April 4: The race for the nomination of the presidential candidate for both the Republican and Democratic Party will resume on Tuesday (April 5) in the state of Wisconsin.

While Republican front-runner Donald Trump will look to regain his momentum in the first primary of April following the recent campaign trouble, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders will hope to build on his 5-1 win of former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton in the Badger State and bridge the delegate gap.

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Voters will be needed to produce government-issued photo ID to exercise their franchise as the northern state's strict law could see 3,00,000 registered voters losing their right to vote for not possessing the government photo ID.

The polling in Wisconsin will begin at 7 am Central Daylight Time (CDT) (5.30 pm IST) and conclude at 8 pm CDT (6.30 am IST on Wednesday, April 6).

Voters will be required to bring a government-issued photo ID to cast a ballot. According to The Nation, the state's strict voter ID law could disenfranchise 300,000 registered voters who do not have a government-issued photo ID.

Cruz leads Trump, say polls 

Besides Trump, Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Ohio Governor John Kasich are in the race for the GOP race for nomination. Trump has 736 delegates at the moment while Cruz has 463 and Kasich 143. Lates polls, however, predict Cruz to be six per cent ahead of Trump (47 per cent to 37 per cent) while Kasich is expected to get 18 per cent vote.

To get nomination, a Republican candidate needs to have 1,237 delegates.

Sanders has a slender lead over Clinton, say polls

In the Democratic camp, Sanders and Clinto will contest for 86 delegates, who will be awarded proportionally. To get nomination, a Democratic candidate needs to have 2,383 delegates. Clinton now has 1,712 delegates (including superdelegates) while Sanders has 1,011 delegates. The gap, however, decreases if the superdelegates are not counted since Clinton has a huge chunk of superdelegates with her compared to Sanders. Recent polls have predicted Sanders to be ahead of Clinton by two percentage points (49% to 47%).

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