Saudi Arabia opens elections to women

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Saudi Arabia, Dec 12: In a historic move in gender equality, Saudi Arabia has opened elections to female voters and candidates on Saturday.

In fact, the move has broken the monarchy that curtails women to drive a car, wear anything else than Burqa and not allowing them to vote. Now, close to 900 women will be pitting themselves against 6,000 male candidates for seats in the municipal council.

Saudi Arabia

Though the seats they would be contesting for are restricted to softer domains streets, public gardens and rubbish collection, the women candidates feel they have already won. Some of them, in fact confessed that they are not contesting to win, but for the sheer spirit of participating.

The voting process, however, comes with several challenges. Being exposed to the most stringent administrative regulations, the female population here have become highly dependent on the men of the household. They would need their help to reach the polling booth.

The candidates have a different challenge to face altogether. They cannot appear for campaigns too as they have to meet men and women both. The best way, therefore, is to interact on the internet. Add to this, the bureaucratic obstacles and the challenges that come with ignorance of the process.

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