Saddam was good at killing terrorists, says Donald Trump

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Washington, March 17: Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is on a high after his wins in Republican primaries in four states took his delegate count to 673 but that has not stopped him from making a few comments that are bound to raise eyebrows.

Speaking in Ohio, Trump said that it was a bad decision to pull out US troops too soon from Iraq. "Iran has taken control of the world's second largest oil reserves," he went on to add.

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Saddam was good at killing terrorists

Trump claimed that he was always against US for invading Iraq in 2003 and says that he had warned that this would destabilise the Middle East.

During his speech he goes on to say that Saddam Hussein was good at killing terrorists. He says: "Saddam Hussein was not a good person. Who cares. He was very good at killing terrorists. Now, Iraq is the Harvard for terrorism."

"Iran is taking over Iraq. They're taking over the second largest oil reserves in the world," he said.
Trump said that the Iran filled in the vaccum that was created when the US troops withdrew from Iraq.

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