Italian nurse, who allegedly killed 90 'annoying' patients, getting fan mails, marriage proposals !

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Rome, Nov 29: A Italian nurse, currently known across the world as 'Angel of Death', might have killed more than 90 patients under her watch, according to the police. 

The 42-year-old nurse, Daniela Poggiali, even clicked sickening selfies of her smiling over the dead body of her hapless victims at hospital at the Umberto I, in Lugo. The nurse has a professional experience of 17 years. Police suspect that she suspect that she stole cash from her elderly patients before killing them as she found them annoying.

Italian nurse, who allegedly killed 90 'annoying' patients, getting fan mails, marriage proposals !

The nurse, shocking enough, was seen laughing as she was taken handcuffed into the court last week. She not only claimed to be innocent of murder, she also sued the hospital for wrongful dismissal. 

Even more shocking is that Poggiali, who is in jail now, is receiving lots of fan mails and even marriage proposals in prison !

According to the police, the nurse fed the patients with potassium chloride, the compound used in lethal injections in the United States, said a Dailymail report. 

Earlier, it was assumed that the nurse killed 38 patients, but now the Italian prosecutors are probing 93 deaths of patients in the nurse's care  over the past two years. The investigators say the nurse may have murdered as many as three people in a single day.

In 2006, another nurse Charles Cullen was sentenced to six life sentence for allegedly poisoning up 40 patients during his 16-year career in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. He claimed that tey were 'mercy killings'.

However, Poggiali's alleged murders were not 'euthanasia'. According to detectives, the murders were the result of the nurse's complex character which made her imagine herself as 'God'. However, police says Poggiali is not a psychopath and she doesn't ave a history of mental illness.

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