In Europe, many Muslims renounce Islam, embrace Christianity: Report

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Brussels, Nov 20: Many Muslims in Europe are publicly abandoning Islam and becoming Christians, an AFP report said on Thursday.

The report claimed that 46-year-old Oujibou is among the few who have converted to Christianity.


He was quoted as saying, "It is time for us to stop hiding."

Radouane Attiya, a specialist on Islam at Liege University in Belgium told the news agency, "Apostasy is a taboo in Muslim culture and if the text of the Quran does not provide for any punishment, prophetic tradition calls for killing apostates."

"In Europe, as in Arab countries, there is a rampant atheism gaining ground. But what is new is the search for visibility," he said.

Another Muslim who converted to Christianity said on the condition of anonymity revealed why he left Islam.

He said that he rejected the "total control" his former religion has over people's lives.

25-year-old Imtiaz Shams renounced his faith before his family two years ago and joined an "underground community" for former Muslims that now numbers around 300 people in London.

"We don't really fit in with the activist ex-Muslim stuff. It's more personal," he said.

He said it is very difficult for Muslims to "come out" before their families.

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