Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump face to face for the first presidential debate

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Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump begin the first presidential debate of the 2016 general election at Hofstra University New York.

Here are the latest updates:


8.10 am: Clinton: Trump "is a man who has called women pigs, slobs and dogs".

8.09 am: Trump says if Clinton wins, I will absolutely support her.

8.09 am: This country can't afford to have another 4 years of that kind of experience: Donald Trump

8.08 am: I want to reassure our allies; that we have mutual defence treaties and we will honour them: Clinton

8.07 am: I want to make America great again. We are a nation seriously troubled: Trump

8.04 am: Trump on Clinton: 'I don't believe that Hillary has the stamina' for presidency

8.03 am: Clinton slams Trump's "deeply troubling" statements on nuclear weapons.

8.02 am: "Words matter when you run for president and they really matter when you are president." - Clinton

8.01 am: Trump says nuclear weapons are greatest threat to world, not global warming.

8.00 am: The deal with Iran will lead to nuclear problems: Donald Trump

8.00 am: Donald Trump said he doesnt care if other nations have nuclear weapons: Hillary Clinton

7.59 am: "We have to be prepared. I can't take anything off the table." Donald Trump regarding nuclear warfare

7.58 am: "The single greatest problem the world has is nuclear armament, nuclear weapons." Donald Trump

7.54 am: I know how to win, Hillary Clinton does not: Donald Trump

7.52 am: "I have much better judgement than she does. There's no question about that." - Trump

7.51 am: Donald insulted Muslims all around.We must coordinate with Muslim majority nations: Hillary Clinton

7.50 am: Need to work with Muslim communities at home & abroad, not alienate them: Clinton

7.49 am: "Proved over and over again" that Trump "supported the invasion of Iraq" - Clinton. Trump: "Wrong. Wrong."

7.48 am: ISIS wouldn't have formed had we "taken the oil" following Iraq War - Trump

7.47 am: Trump: Pres. Obama and Sec. Hillary Clinton created a vacuum allowing for ISIS to form in Iraq.

7.46 am: Audience cheers when Clinton tells Trump "I'm prepared to be president".

7.44 am: Clinton accuses Russia of hacking the United States

7.42 am: Hillary Clinton says cyber security is "one of the biggest challenges for the next president".

7.41 am: "Under President Obama, we've lost control of things we used to have control over." - Donald Trump

7.40 am: Trump on cybersecurity: "We should be better than anybody else, and perhaps we're not."

7.37 am: Donald Trump has a long record of engaging in racist behavior: Hillary Clinton

7.36 am: "We will defend the citizens of this country and the Russians need to understand that." - Hillary Clinton

7.35 am: I did a great service to the country by getting Barack Obama to produce his birth certificate: Trump

7.34 am: If you're too dangerous to fly, then you're too dangerous to buy a gun: Hillary Clinton

7.33 am: Trump says he's not discussing the importance of his income in a 'braggadocious' way.

7.31 am: Gun epidemic is the leading cause of death among young American Africans: Hillary Clinton

7.29 am: "I think implicit bias is a problem for everyone, not just police," - Clinton

7.25 am: Stop and frisk brought murders down from 2,200 to 500. It has tremendous impact on US security: Trump

7.24 am: Clinton accuses Trump of not paying people for their work.

7.23 am: Trump: "We have to take the guns away from...bad people that shouldn't have them."

7.22 am: Hillary Clinton: Trump paints a "dire, negative picture" of black communities.

7.20 am: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump exchange jabs during the first US presidential debate.

7.17 am: Trump: Clinton doesn't want to use the words 'law and order'

7.15 am: "We have to restore trust between communities and the police." Hillary Clinton

7.12 am: Clinton lists reasons why she says Trump might not release his returns.

7.11 am: "If I don't get there one way, I'm gonna get to Pennsylvania Avenue another." - Donald Trump

7.10 am: Trump: "Our airports are like a third world country...we owe $20 trillion, and we're a mess."

7.09 am: Hillary Clinton on emails: "I'm not going to make any excuses. It was a mistake and I take responsibility for that."

7.08 am: Hillary: I made a mistake using a private email. Trump: That was more than a mistake. That was done purposely.

7.08 am: Trump: "I will release my tax returns...when [Clinton] releases her 33,000 emails that have been deleted."

7.07 am: Hillary Clinton: Maybe Trump won't release tax returns because he doesn't want people to know "he's paid nothing."

7.07 am: "You don't learn that much from tax returns, that I can tell you." - Donald Trump

7.03 am: We are going to enforce the trade deals we have and we are going to hold people accountable: Hillary Clinton

7.00 am: Clinton: "I have a feeling that by the end of this evening I'm gonna be blamed for everything that's ever happened!"

7.00 am: Trump: "Ford is leaving." False. It is opening a new plant in Mexico - and not cutting any US jobs.

6.59 am: Trump to Clinton: 'You've been doing this for 30 years. Why are you just starting to think of solutions now?'

6.59 am: Trump: "You've been fighting ISIS your entire adult life".

6.58 am: 5 trillion dollars that we can't bring into our country. With a little leadership, you'd get it in here very quickly. - Donald Trump

6.57 am: I'm going to cut taxes big league: Donald Trump

6.54 am: Our country is losing so much in terms of energy, in terms of paying off our debt: Donald Trump

6.53 am: You have regulations on top of regulations and new companies cant form and old companies are going out of business: Donald Trump

6.52 am: "I was against [TPP] once it was finally negotiated and terms were laid out." - Hillary Clinton

6.45 am: Clinton: I call Trump's tax plan "Trumped-up trickle down"

6.42 am: Clinton: "Who can put into action the plans that will make your life better?"

6.27 am: Bill Clinton and Melania Trump shake hands ahead of the debate

6.10 am: Debate commission officials explain the format.

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